Civil Projects


Experts of Gialn Niroo Company with more than 24 years experience have evolved many civil projects such as Power Plant, Hydraulic Structures, Water transmission lines, Pumping stations, Construction of water storage tanks and Water and sewage projects.

:: Implementation of construction projects, high voltage power stations and power plants has been.

:: Implementation of construction projects of water storage tanks

:: Implementation of construction projects of  water pumping station.

:: Implementation of construction projects of  water transmission lines

:: Pressurized water supply network projects in the fields of agricultural mechanization

:: Projects to build water and sewage networks

:: Construct short dams and  water structures .

:: Construction of Green space , the parks ,Join the fun .

:: Construction of commercial buildings ,educational &Sanitary and Cultural buildings .

:: Road construction & Bridge ,Tunnel construction .

:: Construction of a multi level crossing roads .

:: Mobilization of Roading Machinary .


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