Installation and commissioning of HV-Gas Insulated Substation

:: Installation Steel Structure / Gantries

:: Installation of Cable metal support , bracket , ladders , tray

:: Executing of Earthing system and relevant connections

:: Installation of outdoor Busbars (Single , Double ,Triple Bundle) and relevant  connections

:: Installation of  HV - GIS  Switchgears (Up to  400KV )

:: Executing of all type of AIS  - wiring  connections

:: Installation of  HV  Bus ducts and required  AL-Welding

:: Installation of  XLPE Cables with relevant cable structures , cable fastening sets and supports

:: Installation of  XLPE Cable Sealing Ends and Cable Joints

:: Executing of all SF6 GAS Handling activities and gas tests

:: Installation of  DC System (Batteries  ,Chargers & Inverters)

:: Installation of  Control & Protection Panels

:: Installation of  LVAC & LVDC  Panels

:: Installation of  SCADA ,PLC ,PABX ,RTU  Panels

:: Installation of  DCS System and Panels

:: Installation of  DIESEL Generator

:: Installation of  Fire-Fighting System

:: Installation of outdoor Lighting of Switchyard

:: LV  Cabling & Wiring of Protection and Control Cables

:: TEST & COMMISSIONING of Equipment and Control/Protection System

:: operation and over-haul / Maintenance of GIS Substation


Tools and Equipment