About us

GilanNiroo Company was founded in 1991 supplying High-Voltage engineering services including installation, test and commissioning of MV and HV substations.

Today, Gilan Niroo is one of the leading companies in this field and employs experienced engineers to guarantee excellence and quality of services.

The company has contributed in more than 70 projects ranges from 6.6-33KV up to 400KV and worked with the leading companies such as ABB , TIBB , Teletra (ALCATEL) , VATECH (SIEMENS) , HYUNDAI , PEW , PMC , Parsian and KWPA.

Our background and knowledge in this field as well as our well-experienced team, has let us to step in new markets in Iraq and CIS and now we have established new offices in Iraq and Armenia in order that we can have a good communication with esteemed clients in these areas.


installation , Test and commissioning

GilanNiroo is active in installation , test and commissioning of the following fields:
:: GIS high-voltage substations (up to 400 kV)
:: Electrical instrumentation and control systems of power plants and substations including conventional and DCS systems
:: Power and auxiliary transformers and HV shunt reactors
:: AIS HV equipments including Current and Voltage transformers, surge arresters, Line Traps , capacitor banks , circuit breakers and disconnectors
:: Installation  of all electrical panels including distribution , protection and control panels
:: Execution of  high-voltage fittings , conductors and busbars
:: HV cable laying and termination
:: Installation of HV cable sealing ends and joints
:: Fiber optic installation and fusion
:: Tray-lay operations of cable routes
:: Performing all protective and control and lighting circuits, LV DC, LV AC (in power substations and power distribution).


Civil Division

The Civil Division of the company since 1997 has worked in the fields below:

:: Implementation of construction projects, high voltage power stations and power plants has been.
:: Implementation of construction projects of water storage tanks
:: Implementation of construction projects of  water pumping station.
:: Implementation of construction projects of  water transmission lines
:: Pressurized water supply network projects in the fields of agricultural mechanization
:: Projects to build water and sewage networks
:: Construct short dams and  water structures .
:: Construction of Green space , the parks ,Join the fun .
:: Construction of commercial buildings ,educational &Sanitary and Cultural buildings .
:: Road construction & Bridge ,Tunnel construction .
:: Construction of a multi level crossing roads .


Test Devices

GilanNiroo has been equipped with new and calibrated devices for fulfilling accurate and comprehensive tests on various equipments. specifications of equipment have been mentioned in Tools and Equipment List .